An invitation to explore a fascinating, untouchable and immaterial world. 

Now that a huge part of our life is experienced behind a screen, we are creating a special relation with the smallest detail of  digital images : the pixel. Microscopic but overwhelming by its number, it turns into complicated and invading patterns while zooming on the screen. 


What about diving into these infinitesimally small entities by giving tangible form, texturizing and fantasizing this flat and virtual units ? What about using them as modules and organize accumulations with it ? 


The pixel translation leads to metamorphosing textiles, in an in-between stage, existing in reality and digitally becoming an animated life. A self-reflection about what could be the outcome of a generated fashion for a connected generation.

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David Sims

David Sims

Kaine Buffonge

Abiah Hostvedt

June 2016

Textile experiments / Animation

A pixel fantasy