Buccal instinct

Putting something in our mouth is one of the first instincts we have. The mouth is used as the first way to understand our surroundings. As a baby, the first experience we get with it is about feeding ourself. We quickly do the link in between the suction and the pleasure this feeding brings us.

This leads us to consider our mouth as an object of auto-eroticism and of narcissism : our strongest desire is to find pleasure with our mouth.

The mouth is also becoming a tool of expression.


I developped clay accessories that are playing with the instinctive use and expression of our mouth.

When wearing the accessories, we attach special significance to it. By using it, we become litteraly silent, but our mouth is catching people's attention and expressive by itself.

These accessories are personal and tailored. It can be seen as rituals, reflecting self-adoration and mouth obsession.


Model : Christian Hammer Juhl

The chin and lips accessories are the narcissistic pieces. It is used as a visual identification and a mirror of yourself. You are beautiful and you use it as a seducing tool.

It is a way to be socially isolated. Obviously, you want to show to others that you are in a solitary mood. You don't want to talk, you don't want to kiss. Your expression is frozen as a serious and non-empathic mouth. 

The tongue accessories are the concentration pieces. Sticking your tongue out is a rejection sign. Again, you want to avoid exchange with your surroundings.

It is a sign of intense focus. By sticking your tongue out while thinking or doing something difficult, you show to others that you don't want to be disturbed, that you are doing an effort.

The palates and the teeth are the relaxing pieces. The mouth is an erogenous zone. By sucking, licking, caressing the palate and the teeth with your tongue, you can reach a relaxing state. The sensual suction gives you a well-being feeling and an immediate cooling down. You use it to get rid of stress, to protect yourself from it and feel comfort. You are leading for self-pleasure.

Design Academy Eindhoven

January 2016

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