I have the wish to slow down the fashion process of mass-consumption and to enhance our experience with our garments. To do so, a sentimental value and an artistic dimension are set up, not only for the wearer, but for the designer as well, through a long, physical and sensitive design.


Denim is my raw material since it is not only a symbol of mass-production and mass-consumption, but also succeeded to reach high-end fashion.

Hand Conscious is a denim research and a design proposal dedicated to the handwork and the hand drawing on a piece of clothing. The jeans are inspired by industrial constructions, especially by oil rigs and by worker pants.

One recurring material is the metallic foil paper. It is a means to explore the influence of wearing out of a garment. As it erodes with friction and movement, it becomes a sensitive interface, which bears witness of the interaction between the garment, the user and its environment. It enters a wear-and-tear poetry. 


The jeans of the Hand Conscious collection are lifetime garments.

Models : Clémence Plume, Isabel Pontoppidan, Anders Juul Jørgensen

Special thanks to Ilze Meeuwsen

Denim experiments


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Design Academy Eindhoven

Graduation project - June 2017