Graphic design / Animated images

Cactus and Papaya

Cactus and Papaya has the wish to invade screens and feed our ever-growing appetite for fantasy and entertainment. 

The project is a visual exploration and production on eroticism. Its common thread is about showing sensations, sexuality and excitement through the power of suggestion and humor, taking shape into psychedelic gifs. With an artistic and creative mindset, it offers alternative and playful scenarios, exploring the erotic power of digital colors and textures. Illustrations of body parts, flowers, fruits and animals are the main characters.


Digital love is here. I consider screens as our main mediums of sexual and erotic entertainment and communication. Therefore, Cactus and Papaya is meant to be displayed on our digital devices. It offers two types of screen penetration: a mobile application and a computer screensaver.

Design Academy Eindhoven

Graduation project - June 2017

With the computer screensaver, you can invade your own screen for your personal pleasure :

With the mobile application, you stimulate your love friends by sending them playful invasive gifs and love messages. An app for all lovers of erotic and intimate communication.