Graduation project 2013 - Degree in textile - material - surface design


Hallucinated flowers

Because of graphical accumulation, the flowers are becoming a petal block. This illegibility is emphasized by the use of saturated colors, that are reacting with each other, creating some electric and vibrating effects.

This use of the colors tends to remind the psychedelic posters of the 60's, as a visual experience after taking some psychotropic substances.



Next to this project, I made some patterns about women's bodybuilding. These sportswomen place themselves as sculptor of their own body, creating a distance in between their inner-self and their external-self. This is leading to think of the body as a scenery.

The end result is a fashion collection of silkscreen printed clothes.


Model : Flore Gervais

Ecole Duperré - Paris

June 2013

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silkscreen printed fabric