The Bling Ball began with a personal fascination for basketball, and especially the movements of the players, which feel like dance movements while jumping and running. 


The colors of the drawings are inspired by the collector cards of basketball, very contrasted and bright. The main focus was to achieve a translation of the handwriting from the drawings to the leather, hence the use of an engraving tool to draw on it. 


To be a basketball player is really about an attitude, on the playground but also outside from it. The style of the sneakers is carefully chosen for instance, it has an ostentatious characteristic. Using shiny metallic foil on leather is refering to this conspicuous side and to the idea of creating a precious and basketball tribute product.


There is an aspect very popular in this sport: in the USA, many matches happen in the street, this is an important variant of basketball, called streetball, where all the people of the neighborhood get together in order to see the match. Some mythical match gathered so much people that they should be sit in trees, on rooftops, etc. 

This popular aspect led this project to the creation of leather tops, streetwear and sportswear, that are dedicated to the 

supporters themselves.

Models : Elvira Von Wieding Lidin, Maud Flamand, Samuel Picot

Leather experiments / Illustration

The bling ball

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Design Academy Eindhoven

June 2016