Edition / Illustration

You are the hero

Kids have a good affinity with the characters of the TV and video games. Intending to give desire to children to touch and feel the paper, to use books, how could the screen culture be used in the book culture ?


I choose to bring the virtual adventure of Super Mario into the real life, by creating a new kind of adventure book.


The relation with the fiction, from the screen to the reality, is changing : sensitivity and tactility appear on the paper. As an interpretation of the pixels of the screen, dots, lines, grids gradients are used. The print is texturized, slightly thick in a way that the kids can feel it under their fingers. 


Still aiming to bring affinity with the paper, the children are challenged to create customizable papertoys of some items and characters of Super Mario. This is leading them to creativity and to the appropriation of the fictional world of Super Mario.


Bonus : the appearance of Super Maria !

Design Academy Eindhoven

January 2016

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